Saturday, December 28, 2013

Favorite videos in 2013

Oh my these are songs and videos that really were part of my life during 2013, thus had to be documented and shared:

10) Brett Dennen - Come Back Kid is really from 2011 but I discovered it this year and the song had many plays in all sort of iMixes I put together through out the year.

9) Summerlea - Belle Starr cover of Fred Eaglesmith tune is another video that was uploaded in 2011 but Belle Starr with Kendel Carson really got traction this year.  Must see them someday.

8) Annabelle Lee - Sarah Jarosz - ANOTHER 2011 video, but this video is just slightly underplayed and it's a great recording of another favorite.

7) Swimmer by Amanda Shires.. yep go figure another 2011 video but this one was my favorite when I started looking into her music.  I found her in right before she released a new CD; be careful on those rocks girl.

6) Safe And Sound - Taylor Swift with the Civil Wars... Oh my Denise from The Paradise.  Can't wait for the announcement of season three.

5) Lost at Sea with Nathan Calistro bass arrangement over SHEL's song.  What an innovative and talented bass player.

4) Sun to Sun with Lindsay Lou and Joshua Rilko.  I had a chance to host these two with Lindsay Lou and the Flatbelly's and this Kickstarter request kicked me over to contribute.  Joshua is such a lucky guy to be married to the wonderful Lindsay Lou.  I mentioned to them Lindsay's way she looks at Joshua reminds me of how Joy looks at John Paul in The Civil Wars sets.

3) McCreary's Pipes by Danny Schmidt... just love this story and the day after I hosted Danny and Carrie I told him that I would have loved to hear that song and that it sounded complex.  He said it's just a whole bunch of D's.  Danny is such a great songwriter.

2) Flesh & Bones by Barbara Jean with David Huckfelt on harmonies on this mysterious sounding piece.  MN Original also did a great job with her song "The River."  I had a chance to meet Barbara twice and in addition to the most stunning eyes you will see, she's a really nice person too.  Her banjo is great texture to the songs, and she is a wonderful viola player but tends to use that instrument as a backup to other vocalists.  David is part of the duo The Pines.

1) Like Minded Fool by SHEL.  They could have easily had 5 of the top ten, but I had to pick one and this one is so lush of color and Eva's eyes pierce thru this, basically the emphasis on all their eyes with the lyrics, "Look with your eyes..." hits me in the soul.*  Sarah does such a great job with the video editing and you wouldn't know that unless you've listened to them in concert; she should put a big tagline at the end. They had a goal to record a video for every songs and they must be over halfway there, waiting for Vinyl Memories, likely 2014 number one video.

*The lure of eyes in the top two is not very unusual, I've written about them a few times.  HA.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Monthly Music share

I have a few friends that I like to give my version of a Christmas newsletter of the last year... but in favorite songs added to my iTunes each month.  Since I can't burn you a CD, I'll do my best to add links.

January:  I added this great Paul Simon Christmas song… funny I always thought he was Jewish.  Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt will be playing my house concert series in April next year and I so loved this song, The Company of Friends because I do also feel I work with a company of friends.

February: Jackie DeShannon re-recorded her hits, and I pitched Put a little Love in your Heart to our Rose River band; so far we’re passing on covering it but please keep a little love in your heart.  The Civil Wars gets a lot of playing time in my iTunes, and their Dance me to the end of Love is a great Leonard Cohen cover.

March:  I spent some time digitizing a few of my favorite vinyl songs; of course Dave Mason had a few like Sweet Music or Every Woman. March was also in the height of Downton Abbey and my love affair with Lady Mary Crawley who was the inspiration to Graceful and Grand.  There are words to the song but I have not been happy with any vocal tracks I’ve laid down for it.

April:  My favorite Celtic band with Norah Rendell lead vocalist put out an early release of one song from their new CD; The Mountain Road.  I love Norah too, but she always brings her husband along with her when she has played our house concert. 

May: Beth Wood came to our house concert in May, and her Doing this Dance is a favorite.  Then we went to see Peter Mayer play in Zumbrota and his Holy Now is a song we might cover in Church someday.  I had to include Beast of Burden because when I get my Lucky Dog group together at the Elmaro Vineyard and my buddy Tim shows… he brings his accordion and we cover this version.

June:  2012 Brandi Carlile released a fantastic CD called Bear Creek, and Raise Hell is one of its spunkiest songs.

July: I will always remember 2012 was the year I discovered SHEL, a four sister group from Fort Collins.  They already might be too big of name for me to book at the house concert, but I’m working my tail off trying and they have hit Wisconsin and Illinois in the past, so I have my fingers crossed.  You have to check them out in YouTube doing their Led Zepplin cover.  They are fun to watch as well as fantastic musicians.  Also during July I was working on marketing the November House concert with Lindsay Lou, and their Lemon Squeezy is another one that sounds old and makes your smile.

August:  Another 4 woman group that I follow released their second CD; the Trishas are out of Austin TX.  Of course another SHEL cut, this one their fun Latest and Greatest Blueberry Rubber band… the mandolin player is just incredible.

September: I discovered Sarah Jarosz covering one of my favorite Dylan songs Ring them Bells on YouTube with infamous dobro player Jerry Douglas; I immediately bought the song in iTunes though without Jerry.  September also found me digitizing my old Johnny Cash favorite “the One on the Right” in honor of the election year; plus I covered it. 

October:  I discovered Hey Marseilles on a free sampler, and the significance about it is even my son Dustin liked them too.  I also bought some more Danny Schmidt music so I know a few more songs when he plays our house in April. 

November:  Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys played an AWESOME Bluff View House Concert, and I got a pretty good recording of them  HATS OFF! 

December:  Lori and I went to see Michael Johnson (Bluer than Blue) at the Elmaro Vineyard.  He’s a great entertainer and writes funny songs, or So So.  Finally another hipster cover of a Christmas song, Stujan Stevens is very creative.

Now if you opened up every link you did an outstanding job and listened to some great music.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

2009 Zemmy Awards

Zemmy’s the 3rd edition....

A tradition now is set. The Zemmy's are my way of listening to music in a new way and giving credit where it belongs to as many independent and a few mainstream artists that have touched me during the last year. Yes during the last year means nothing to when the music was released. Why are we so intent on categorizing music to "This Year"? I for one can not afford to buy everything let alone do I have the time to do such a thing. So when I find a gem that was released in 2006 and it becomes a piece that is played over and over... it needs to be shouted out to everyone. This year Freight Train by Fred Eaglesmith will get some award, but if it wasn't for Heather Waters begrudgingly selling an old EP of her site, (Quote ..."For a while I'm selling some of my old EP stuff but not for long.") I would have never discovered how great the song was and him as another one of my rebel country musicians. So there, now you know why so let's have some fun.

Best acappella song : For the third year in a row, Allison takes this category. Maybe I don't listen enough to acappella music to give her a run for her money. Knowing my love for her voice, she would likely win either way. This year, the song that graces and blesses my profile page at myspace, a Celtic Blessing. "May you walk through your days with Angel voices like Allison's singing in the back of your mind."

Best use of "Pissed Me Off" in a song for the third year in a row: Certainly Know Why by Kendel Carson written by Chip Taylor... if anyone can find a better use of that line... drop me a note. And if you don't believe me, go click on the preview of the song at this link to her Review Mirror Tears CD

Most envied Old Fart Musician award : Billy Joe Shaver... why not... he's old as dirt, still playing with everyone, and loving every minute of it.

Best CD of the Year....
OH my Heather Waters and her cd named Propeller. (click here and read a great review.) I'm not being biased because she came to my house concert series and blew everyone away with the depth of her voice, but the CD is awesome. Diamond in you mind, Jukebox, Castaway, Stone & Concrete and Joy comes back to me... wow.

Best Traditional CD of the year ... a new category and one that will be tough to top in the future. Lissa Schneckenburger's Song is incredible. She took old Maine poems and turned them into the freshest set of traditional music you will ever hear. I love her voice, and of course she's a great fiddle player too.But don't just take me word, read this review in Yankee

Here's a song off the cd.

Best line in a song: "It's like that old expression, all roads lead to Rome. You see he comes from trouble, and he's always going home" in a song called "Always going home" written & released by John Gorka a few year's back on a cd called "Out in the Valley"

Best Music Video of the Year : This was a much tougher decision this year so I created two categories... one best live recording video and one composition video. First up the live recording, so I fell in love once again. This time with Lissa & Aoife because of this wonderful video of a folk orchestra. Boy I'd love to see this performance some day. Childsplay Featuring Mark Simos, Lissa Schneckenburger, Aoife O'Donovan, Keith Murphy" perform Tears Of Healing Rain" at The National Heritage Museum

Best Music Composition Video : No problem here... Hope Waits the winner of CD of the Year in 2008 put out with the help of Putumayo World Music, I'll be Satisfied. I'll be satisfied when someone emails me that Hope is going to be on Austin City Limits or some other cool music show. Maybe I'll drop them a note.

Best Male Tenor is still Alfonso Velez, and I've played his Hell Yeah over and over. He put a link on his site for downloading a great concert, but this video has just him which really highlights how great he sings, and women out there... he's cute as "Hell Yeah"... too.

Best Duet: Ball and Chain Blues by Mike and Amy Finders. What a wonderful song written by Mike and sung by a couple who have celebrated their 10 year anniversary. You can find the song on their Finders and Youngberg CD named Keep Your Suitcase Packed. Mike said this song is written about a different couple they know. HA. Loved them at the Bluff View over the summer they were wonderful.

Best Train metaphor song : Freight Train by Fred Eaglesmith as mentioned before. This song cooks down the rails of a wild relationship.

Best song about a clothing article since This Old Shirt by MCC : In my coat by Jennifer Daniels... So you don't know her? The day I first posted this she gave birth to twins, I can only imagine the ride those babies had when she was performing because she doesn't hold back at all.

Best Joplinesque voice ---- I still want Sabrina Kufner to put some music on iTunes... some day.

Best Gypsy Song.... Gypsy Town by Mat D.

Best new folk song in the tradition of Bill Staines : Lone Star Hotel Cafe by Guy Clark... you're going to love this, I heard it on the new Bill Staines CD but it's definitely one of his classic stories. Well done Guy, an excellent writer of course too so why not a new category...

Best new song that reminds me of Guy Clark or Kris Kristofferson : Gaylor Creek Church by Billy Don Burns

Best erotic scene setting song: I'll wrap myself in you by Ellie & Leela Grace... so sweet so gentle, shouldn't all love be just like this.

Best old song I rediscovered : Fields of Illinois by Don Lange

Best Ghost song : Phantoms by Rose Reiter .... never talks directly to Ghosts, but such a haunting song of a dark life's journey.

Best song I can’t figure out : To the dogs, or whoever by Josh Ritter... I love this guy and I need to buy a song or two every year just to make me think. He's one this category two out of three years.

Best Dylan cover: Wallflower by Uncle Earl who is an all woman folk / bluegrass group. Of course I'd love to play with these gals, would I need to dress in drag?

Best Christian song: This year our Saints & Sinners group covered Randy Travis version of "Are you washed in the Blood"... how can I not pick this one. I truly have always admired Randy's voice.

Most Eclectic Cover : Lay Down your Weary Soul by Mary Black.... ok so it's the second Dylan cover, but after I heard this song I had to go back and find Dylan's original buried on the Biograph release. Mary's is so much more interesting and fun to listen to, sorry Bob.

Best Sports song: Bonehead Merkle by Chuck Brodsky. I have a hard time thinking now for three straight years I've found classic songs that are a must for every sports music nut. Chuck has a few more baseball songs, so he could possibly win this category each year.... In case you have never heard him, here's a video of him doing a song that might win next year about Richie Allen

Best Explicit Song : Too Repressed by Sometymes Why... oh my... I blush just thinking about this song. I do wonder what inspired this beautiful trio of woman to decide to record this and, get this, a KID's song. HA! I did find this interview where Aiofe describes why and how it was written.
Now catch this they tagged the dirty song with the kid's song... be forewarned this song has the F word in it, and not the Irish way of using as an adjective.

Best Bluegrass song: Old Shine Crow by Finders & Youngberg, written and sung by Erin Youngerberg. It was so significant that a video was made of it:

Best Jack Johnson song: Better Together This category is because MySpace Acoustic forums traditionally have a love / hate relationship with this guy. Give him a break, I wish more pop music sounded like Jack Johnson.This song was not on the CD he released this year... I didn't think is was as good as his previous one.

Most overrated CD: ok... I really didn't have one that I wanted to pick on, so I originally picked Jack Johnson's current one just doesn't measure up to the other ones he's released; but then the Grammy Awards came out to pick the Krause / Page cd as the best of the year. Boy I wish they had picked one that I wasn't given free, and kept thinking to myself... boy I'm glad I didn't pay for that. Three, maybe four songs were listened to multiple times and "Killing the Blues" (another song they honored) has the only song that stuck. Don't get me wrong, I really tried and tried to like this one... who couldn't love the idea and Allison's voice. But I thought it really was over-hyped. So does that mean that the Grammy Awards are so political and music industry biased that it's bought, or do these people only listen to what they are handed?... frankly I'm glad I picked Heather and Lissa way over that cd.

Best Song by an artist with Rose in their name : Raina Rose, "I like you better"... She looks like a young Bonnie Raitt with blonde hair, but she's a folkie with a very unique guitar style. I don't too much about the lady, but this is a very good song that I think I got as a free down load from her... I forget.

This isn't the song I love, but you can see the passion she brings to her single guitar playing...

Best Video by a performer with Rose in their name..Rose Reiter for the second year... this one has her dancing again.

Best shaved head Artist : Natalie Portman… you say she doesn’t sing… then it must be Angels every time I see her. I think she’ll win this every year. If I ever get elected I’m going to ask her to be my Secretary of State. She is short, cute, and smart and is not shy to speak to peace.

Best cover of a Kate Wolf song EVER: Across the Great Divide by Nanci Griffith...I think this will likely stay here until someone ace’s it out.? See the 2007 Zemmys for a video of Nanci's cover.

Best Dave Zeman Song: I would try Flowers of the Forest. Yep... any song Dave doesn't sing on the better... HA
Yes Nichola Maria O'Donnell sings lead.

Most Played song in iTunes... this year was tough... I had to reboot my iTunes three times, but it has to go to The Wedding Song by David Francey. He wrote the song for one particular couple but it really was because he always finds himself on the road missing all the events through out the year.

Freebie Award has to go to Lauren Zettler for giving away a great concert. I loved every minute of it... and her cover of the Dylan song almost made the previous category, but it did end up sneaking into a piece I wrote about busking... also inspired by her. Of course I couldn't resist posting one of her bed side songs.

When I learned a MySpace and friend Teresa Austin had died suddenly. She was the biggest supporter of the Zemmy’s and she had to be immortalized in these posts. The Austin Award was for friend who embodies her support for my musings.

This year the biggest artist pusher besides myself had to be Fran with Concerts in your Home. He's got a great newsletter, if you truly can't host... try to inspire a friend to do it.

My song interest & writing have revolved themes... so I need to get some more in the Zemmys, like families, American, rainy days and maybe colors.

The best song about family life. MJ Bishop does this great one about her Mom and Dad going this way and that. Boy I can't wait to be retired and do the same. Great job MJ.

Songs about America... how about Ashleigh Flynn's American Dream. It talks to the heart of our daily passion and expectations in life... I'm so glad I found Ashleigh this year by bouncing around people's iMixes.

Rainy days are a perfect theme, that I'm pretty sure I'll find a new song every year, so this year it's Rainy Day Epiphany by Nichola Maria O'Donnell. This song, her song Gypsy Heart, and video made me ask, would she put her voice to my Flowers of the Forest... And wow is all I'll say.

Colors has to be Crayola Doesn't make a color by Kristin Andreasssen. Kristen wins three this year because she is with Sometymes Why and Uncle Earl too. And if you look and watch for the harmony singer, it's Aiofe O'Donavon... which kind of makes it her third Zemmy this year too.

Lastly, we need a coffee after all this so it should be Caffeine by Abbie Gardner.

Well ahh... maybe until next year... or until I want to do this again. I do need to note that with all the YouTube Videos, that all the songs I own or downloaded free from the artist. Please, please, please go pay for your music. I have raised my son to do the same. He kept telling me about friends, and I kept telling him Dustin we can afford to pay for your music for as much as I don't like to listen to it; you should pay the mere $.99 per song.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catch a daily dose of the Zemmy's

Yes call me insane I've started up the Zemmy's in a daily blog.

Go find out today!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Judges

Yes... many viewers and no comments, so I must think that you are all wondering if this is a bogus blog? Is it a fairy tale that all these artists are truly made up? Who is voting and bringing these wonderfully people to the forefront of everyone's mind? So let me tell you about these judges that are keeping you up at night:

Dave Zeman has been networking for 2 1/2 years through myspace and dabbles writing music. Dave Xman has a dark side and we would rather not talk about him. Dave Incredman has musical superpowers to find the invisible artists that need attention. Typically he shouts really loudly and the rest of the world hears him. Dave Showrman brings to us the naughty entries; he's always peering through every song for the erotic parts.

So look these guys up if you have any issues with these wonderful awards, but remember the artists have no real association with the judges.

Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 Zemmy Awards

Zemmy’s the 2nd edition....

Yes for the song’s that I own through iTunes...Here’s the best mix of the year

Now back to the awards.

Best acappella song : I wanted to just pick So Much Grace again... but I’m going to go with Allison’s cover "Hard to say goodbye to yesterday"


Best use of "Pissed Me Off" in a song for the second year in a row: Certainly Know Why by Kendel Carson written by Chip Taylor

Most envied Old Fart Musician award : Me, this last year I got closer to Heather Waters, Wil Maring, Hope Waits, Samantha Farrell, Kim Davidson, Kelsey Waldon, MJ Bishop, Sabrina Kufner, Angela Wilkins, and Allison Sattinger through emails and blog posts. My wife is wondering a little but I deflect her with my few male friends. Whew.

Best line "Do the skeletons in your closet have 20 pairs of shoes to choose from" in Soul by Dan Bern.

Best Music Video of the Year : This was no contest even while I’ve been watching more videos... The Beggars put together a fun video with a great song.

Smoothest Male Tenor Voice in Folk Music that can sing an early Dylan like song with so many words smoothly : End of World Blues by Alfonso Velez... There’s a line, "it’s on the Radio"... it should be.!

Best Duet: Love and Happiness, "Hard Not to Fall in Love with You" by Austin & Elliott Yes, most of my regular readers know that this is likely a mantra for me. I still have the greatest love for my wife Lori but boy I love so many more, and it’s Hard not to fall in Love again, again, and again.

Best Train metaphor song : Bound for Glory by Mat d.

Best song about a clothing article since This Old Shirt by MCC : Brown Jacket by Heather Waters

Best Lost a friend to a distant place like Alaska by Johnann Wagner. If this doesn’t touch your heart, and make you want to move there with her... have your heart checked for cobwebs.

Best Joplinesque voice in Canada : Robin by Sabrina Kufner

Best new folk song in the tradition of Bill Staines : Break Some Stones by Doug Spears

Best song about a date with a whore and an old girl friend at the same time: Just like Old Times by Todd Snider

Best sentimental song : Hold on to that Heart by Pierce Pettis This one really can squeeze the tear ducts.

Best erotic scene setting song: Oh My Dear by Lindsay Jane This is such a fun song, and she just gave it free on her site. Boy I owe her to buy some of her other material.

Best old song I rediscovered : Flying Red Horse by John Gorka Thanks to Allison for reminding me of it.

Best Ghost song : Ghost by Mark Erelli. I love when I can repeat categories between years... last year’s ghost song was great too.

Best song I can’t figure out : The Follies of Don Calandro by Jesse DeNatale. I love this song, kind of like I like Lillie, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts.

Best Dylan cover: Ring them bells by Hope Waits

Best Christian song: I’ve got a Hope by Carolyn Arends written by Pierce Pettis & Eric Fiedor

Most Eclectic Cover : I’ve just seen your Face by The Paperboys

Best Sports song: The Dying Cub Fan’s last Request by Steve Goodman

Best Explicit Song : Work Song by Dan Reeder. Don’t play this in front of anyone who is sensitive to hear the F word.

Best Bluegrass song: Goodbye by The Paperboys. They aren’t traditionally a bluegrass band, but this song s/b a bluegrass standard.

Best Jack Johnson song: I Shall be Released... yes I know it’s not his song. This category is because MySpace Acoustic forums traditionally have a love / hate relationship with this guy. Give him a break, I wish more pop music sounded like Jack Johnson. No link... major record label... you’ll find him pretty much everywhere.

Most overrated CD: I thought the Dixie Chicks Grammy winner would win this forever; (this coming from a fan) but I would like to add the Eagles new cd. What awesome singing, what mediocre writing. Good thing that they put 20 songs on it, I could find 6 decent songs, and the best they didn’t write. Thank you JD Souther, you rock.

Best Song by an artist with Rose in their name : I really wanted Rose Reiter to win this one, but this kid
Ashlee Rose beat her out with the song "Walkin in the City of Angels". I really think she’s pulling my leg, she tells me she’s only 18 1/2. My God her future is as bright as that big smile she flashes.

So she didn’t win the song, let’s create a new category called Best Video by a performer with Rose in their name..


Best shaved head Artist : Natalie Portman… you say she doesn’t sing… then it must be Angels every time I see her. I think she’ll win this every year. If I ever get elected I’m going to ask her to be my Secretary of State. She is short, cute, and smart and is not shy to speak to peace.

Best cover of a Kate Wolf song EVER: Across the Great Divide by Nanci Griffith...I think this will likely stay here until someone ace’s it out.? See the 2007 Zemmys for a video of Nanci's cover.

Best Dave Zeman Song: Actually is a Co-write with Kim and sung by her wonderfully strong vocal... yes it’s Opposite Destiny by Dave Schipper and Kim Davidson

Most played song on Dave’s iTunes: Shake by Samantha Farrell I absolutely love this song and I’m grateful to Samm’s mom to telling me the story behind it.

Freebie Award voted by my blog readers : So Down by Jane Rose. A talented singer songwriter in Kentucky with one my fine Guitar tattoo.

Best CD I bought this year: "Self Titled" Hope Waits by Hope Waits It is truly a gem mixing in 3 original tunes with some great classic and obscure covers. What a voice! Reminds a lot of Billie Holiday

When I learned a MySpace and friend Teresa Austin had died suddenly. She was the biggest supporter of the Zemmy’s and she had to be immortalized in these posts. The Austin Award was for friend who embodies her support for my musings.

It has to be Mora. She has been a friend since I discovered her on Sabrina’s page, and marveled at the way she wrote conversational prose. To be a Austin winner you need to have suggested a musician that I loved their song or just promoted the heck out of independent artists. Mora’s suggestion was Mumbo Gumbo’s song Doing Nothing. It’s wonderful because I do work hard at Doin’ Nothing.

I’m sure missing that I wanted to add... but this year I wanted to beat those other awards that reward those artists that really don’t deserve the recognition as much as the Zemmy Winners....

Plus for anyone curious, here was the inaugural Zemmy Awards:

Dave Zeman BlogOk... I do have a cool link for all the winner to add to their page... I’ll send a text document to whoever wants it..

Thursday, February 15, 2007

2007 Zemmy Awards

The Zemmy Awards were born out of positive use of frustration. I just rekindled a year of exploration of new musicians through MySpace, and I was amazed at who those Grammy's were honoring. Did people just not know? Were there just a handful of people making the decisions? Now some recepients were very honorable, but when Dylan won that one year for a CD that sucked compared to many others he produced, I figure there should be another voice.

I am a music lover born out of the late 60's and 70's and turned 50 in 2008 with over 3000 vinyl LPs stashed away, 500 CD's and now with iTunes over 3000 songs. Ok so I've listened to a lot of music, mainstream, obscure, global, folk, jazz, country, and of course the love of my childhood, Southern Rock Blues.

Recently I have started a house concert series, so I hope that this brings a just a little credibility to the awards.... but mostly these artist ROCK... such passion, such creativity... you know you need to look them up.

This blog was first posted in myspace in 2007, I've added some pics and links... enjoy.

Best acappella song : So Much Grace by 

 Allison Sattinger

 Best use of "Pissed Me Off" in a song: Certainly Know Why by Kendel Carson written by Chip Taylor

Most envied Old Fart Musician award :Chip Taylor within the last two years worked with both Kendel Carson and Carrie Rodriquez. That says a lot for the guy who wrote "Wild Thing"

--- LATER I found out later that Chip is also Jon Voight's brother, and Angelina Jolie's Uncle... yikes... now I'm really envious

Best Friend song I've heard since Bill Staines classic : "Friends You Love the Most" by… Will Hoppey

Best Music Video of the Year : Fall Down with You… by the Paperboys with Kendal Carson

Smoothest Male Tenor Voice in Folk Music: Granite Road by Alfonso Velez

Best Duet: Love and Happiness by Emmy Lou Harris and Mark Knopfler

--- since this song you should be able to find... why don't you learn to dance to it... HA...

Best Take this job and shove it Song : Lookin for a Job by Todd Snider

Best song about a clothing article since This Old Shirt by MCC : Flowered Dresses by Slaid Cleeves

Best Joplinesque voice in Canada : Crystal Waters by Sabrina Kufner

Best song about a house that I heard this year: This Old House by Doug Spears

Best song about a Greek Deli : Greek Tragedy by Chris Elliott

Go listen at

Best sentimental song : Cry byAnna Hutto 

Go to for free download.

Best erotic scene setting song: Across the Room by Allison Sattinger--- Yes I see her looking... wow she just got married, Andy is one lucky guy. Now my suggestion... wait for the last few seconds of this, the passion even wows Allison.

Best comeback to me song : Guinevere by Lucy Kaplansky

Best Ghost song : Ghost Repeater by Jeffrey Foucault

Best song to inspire me to pick up the bass again: Steal your Kisses by Ben Harper

Best cover song heard in a workshop atthe Great River Folk Fest : The cover of the Allman Bros. "Sweet Melissa" by 

Natalia Zukerman with Randy Sabien on Fiddle and Mustrad's Retreat percussion.

Of course I had to take the opportunity to find an Allman Bros cover acoustically of the song.... but it's not close to hearing Natalia with Randy on fiddle.

Best Line "She ripped off her tube top and took me to Kokomo"…. In Kokomo by Greg Brown

Best Austrailian Folk Song… Kangaroo by the Beggars

Best Irish Folk Song: Irish Girl by Lissa Schneckenburger

Lissa's next CD is incredible... watch for another Zemmy coming her way.
Go Download it at

Best song and only song about a Mood Ring: Mood Ring by Paul Thorn

Best song about a break up : Nine Inch Nails by Dustin Bentall

Best song I can't figure out : Wolves by Josh Ritter

Best environmental song: Shady Lake by Leslie Alexander

Best Christian song: St. Paul's Song by Pierce Pettis

Best Spanish is a Loving Tongue Song: Fragile by the Paperboys

Most Eclectic Cover : Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat by Angela McCluskey---Sorry about the lousy video, the song I found on iTunes is absolutely fresh and unique...I really couldn't find many other links.

Best Sports song ever: The Bears Still Suck Polka by the Happy Schnapps Band

--- You should know that this song was written by the late Jimmy Krueger who also wrote "We just Disagree" covered and released first by Dave Mason. He was born in my hometown, Manitowoc WI.

Best Explicit Song : Inquiring Minds by Hamell on Trial

Best Bluegrass song: Standin on the Corner by Sara Petite

Best Jack Johnson song: Good People

Best Natural Food Ad song: Homestead Market by Sweet Sunny South, you just can't beat their meat!

Best Family Reunion Song: Chocktaw Bingo by James McMurtry

Best song that asks did you do too many Drugs: American Music by the Violent Femmes

Most overrated CD: Dixie Chicks Grammy winner… give me a break all their other ones were better.

Best Song by an artist with Rose in their name : Texas by Raina Rose

Best Song by an artist with River in their name: Eight is Midnight by Rose River

Best shaved head Artist : Natalie Portman… you say she doesn't sing… then it must be Angels every time I see her.---Here is the famous clip from what I consider a Five Star movie... V for Vendetta

Best cover of a Kate Wolf song EVER: Across the Great Divide by Nanci Griffith

... there is a video available with the studio song, but this one is more fun to watch... Emmy Lou adds alot to both versions.

Best Dave Zeman Song: Julia

 Go to FolkAlley for free download.

I will return to put more links including the one to the iMix I posted in iTunes.... this took more time than I thought it was going to... HA... but good things usually do.