Thursday, February 15, 2007

2007 Zemmy Awards

The Zemmy Awards were born out of positive use of frustration. I just rekindled a year of exploration of new musicians through MySpace, and I was amazed at who those Grammy's were honoring. Did people just not know? Were there just a handful of people making the decisions? Now some recepients were very honorable, but when Dylan won that one year for a CD that sucked compared to many others he produced, I figure there should be another voice.

I am a music lover born out of the late 60's and 70's and turned 50 in 2008 with over 3000 vinyl LPs stashed away, 500 CD's and now with iTunes over 3000 songs. Ok so I've listened to a lot of music, mainstream, obscure, global, folk, jazz, country, and of course the love of my childhood, Southern Rock Blues.

Recently I have started a house concert series, so I hope that this brings a just a little credibility to the awards.... but mostly these artist ROCK... such passion, such creativity... you know you need to look them up.

This blog was first posted in myspace in 2007, I've added some pics and links... enjoy.

Best acappella song : So Much Grace by 

 Allison Sattinger

 Best use of "Pissed Me Off" in a song: Certainly Know Why by Kendel Carson written by Chip Taylor

Most envied Old Fart Musician award :Chip Taylor within the last two years worked with both Kendel Carson and Carrie Rodriquez. That says a lot for the guy who wrote "Wild Thing"

--- LATER I found out later that Chip is also Jon Voight's brother, and Angelina Jolie's Uncle... yikes... now I'm really envious

Best Friend song I've heard since Bill Staines classic : "Friends You Love the Most" by… Will Hoppey

Best Music Video of the Year : Fall Down with You… by the Paperboys with Kendal Carson

Smoothest Male Tenor Voice in Folk Music: Granite Road by Alfonso Velez

Best Duet: Love and Happiness by Emmy Lou Harris and Mark Knopfler

--- since this song you should be able to find... why don't you learn to dance to it... HA...

Best Take this job and shove it Song : Lookin for a Job by Todd Snider

Best song about a clothing article since This Old Shirt by MCC : Flowered Dresses by Slaid Cleeves

Best Joplinesque voice in Canada : Crystal Waters by Sabrina Kufner

Best song about a house that I heard this year: This Old House by Doug Spears

Best song about a Greek Deli : Greek Tragedy by Chris Elliott

Go listen at

Best sentimental song : Cry byAnna Hutto 

Go to for free download.

Best erotic scene setting song: Across the Room by Allison Sattinger--- Yes I see her looking... wow she just got married, Andy is one lucky guy. Now my suggestion... wait for the last few seconds of this, the passion even wows Allison.

Best comeback to me song : Guinevere by Lucy Kaplansky

Best Ghost song : Ghost Repeater by Jeffrey Foucault

Best song to inspire me to pick up the bass again: Steal your Kisses by Ben Harper

Best cover song heard in a workshop atthe Great River Folk Fest : The cover of the Allman Bros. "Sweet Melissa" by 

Natalia Zukerman with Randy Sabien on Fiddle and Mustrad's Retreat percussion.

Of course I had to take the opportunity to find an Allman Bros cover acoustically of the song.... but it's not close to hearing Natalia with Randy on fiddle.

Best Line "She ripped off her tube top and took me to Kokomo"…. In Kokomo by Greg Brown

Best Austrailian Folk Song… Kangaroo by the Beggars

Best Irish Folk Song: Irish Girl by Lissa Schneckenburger

Lissa's next CD is incredible... watch for another Zemmy coming her way.
Go Download it at

Best song and only song about a Mood Ring: Mood Ring by Paul Thorn

Best song about a break up : Nine Inch Nails by Dustin Bentall

Best song I can't figure out : Wolves by Josh Ritter

Best environmental song: Shady Lake by Leslie Alexander

Best Christian song: St. Paul's Song by Pierce Pettis

Best Spanish is a Loving Tongue Song: Fragile by the Paperboys

Most Eclectic Cover : Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat by Angela McCluskey---Sorry about the lousy video, the song I found on iTunes is absolutely fresh and unique...I really couldn't find many other links.

Best Sports song ever: The Bears Still Suck Polka by the Happy Schnapps Band

--- You should know that this song was written by the late Jimmy Krueger who also wrote "We just Disagree" covered and released first by Dave Mason. He was born in my hometown, Manitowoc WI.

Best Explicit Song : Inquiring Minds by Hamell on Trial

Best Bluegrass song: Standin on the Corner by Sara Petite

Best Jack Johnson song: Good People

Best Natural Food Ad song: Homestead Market by Sweet Sunny South, you just can't beat their meat!

Best Family Reunion Song: Chocktaw Bingo by James McMurtry

Best song that asks did you do too many Drugs: American Music by the Violent Femmes

Most overrated CD: Dixie Chicks Grammy winner… give me a break all their other ones were better.

Best Song by an artist with Rose in their name : Texas by Raina Rose

Best Song by an artist with River in their name: Eight is Midnight by Rose River

Best shaved head Artist : Natalie Portman… you say she doesn't sing… then it must be Angels every time I see her.---Here is the famous clip from what I consider a Five Star movie... V for Vendetta

Best cover of a Kate Wolf song EVER: Across the Great Divide by Nanci Griffith

... there is a video available with the studio song, but this one is more fun to watch... Emmy Lou adds alot to both versions.

Best Dave Zeman Song: Julia

 Go to FolkAlley for free download.

I will return to put more links including the one to the iMix I posted in iTunes.... this took more time than I thought it was going to... HA... but good things usually do.